Library Card Policy


All residents of the town of Dover are entitled to a three-year library card at the Dover Free Public Library. Proof of residency must be provided. This would include a driver's license, checkbook, or lease. Canceled mail with the permanent home address will be accepted with one more form of personal ID. Post Office box numbers are not acceptable as a home address. Up to Grade 8, a parent or guardian signature is required on the juvenile application. Dover residents who are students will be asked to submit a hall pass or school ID as proof of Dover school attendance.
Landowners who own property in Dover and in another Morris County city will be allowed only one M.A.I.N. library card and therefore they must choose which library they wish to establish as their home library, but they are urged to apply for their library card in the town in which they receive their mail.
If an applying patron has had a library card previously registered in the M.A.I.N. Database, their record must have no outstanding overdues or fines registered. A Dover Library card will not be registered until the problem is totally resolved.


People who work in the Town of Dover are entitled to a one year renewable Courtesy Card, if they live outside of Morris County. Courtesy card holders are not eligible for Open Borrowing. If they live anywhere in Morris County, these patrons should receive a library card in their hometown library. Proof of Dover employment must be shown each year which would include a pay stub, a letter from employer with Dover address in the letterhead, or a personalized business card -- all with one more proof of ID to confirm name.
Courtesy Cards are valid only in the Dover Free Public Library and would allow the patron to check out any shelf material that is available in the Dover Library during the patron's visit, but may only reserve or loan material from Dover Free Public Library or Morris County Library.


Pay cards are necessary for patrons who do not live in Dover. Patrons who live in Mine Hill or patrons who live in Victory Gardens or other municipalities that do not have do not have libraries do not receive Dover Library Cards. We will endorse Morris County Library library cards for these patrons for a $33.00/year fee and the endorsement is valid only at the Dover Free Public Library for restricted service.
Teachers who work in the Dover Public Schools and who live in Mine Hill or Victory Garden can waive the $33.00 fee provided they have a Morris County Library card.


Children who live in Mine Hill or Victory Gardens, but attend public, private, or parochial school in Dover are entitled to a free, full-privilege Courtesy Card. If these patrons do not already have a card through their home library in M.A.I.N., then they must submit proof of Dover school attendance (School ID, bus pass, hall pass). The card will entitle these students to full, year-round use of the collection of the Dover Library, reservation of materials, and Interlibrary Loan. The card will be marked in accordance with current reciprocal borrowing agreements so that it cannot be used at other libraries. The library card is renewable each year with proof of Dover school attendance.


StudeNts living in a Morris county town must obtain a library card from their place of residence. Students of the Joe Kubert Art School and Dover Business College are entitled to a free one-year full-service library card. School ID and proof of address are necessary in order to obtain a card. Each year, the card will be updated upon proper proof of attendance and residence.


Dover Organizations receive a full service three-year card. The Head of the organization must sign the application after which any authorized member of the organization can use the card. Whoever is transacting on behalf of the organization must present ID from the Organization. The Head of the organization is responsible for the settlements of any overdue fees or lost materials.


Out of county patrons with a valid home library card must obtain a green sticker from their home library and then endorse the library card at the DFPL with proof of address.


A. SAM Card
SAM cards are available for long term visitors to Dover, such as Military Personnel from Picatinny Aresenal, Missionaries assigned to NJ for a extended periods of time, and individuals involved in long term family care or estate settlement. These cards allow the patron computer use only for use in the Dover Free Public Library. SAM cards are not available to patrons who could otherwise obtain a pay card. Decisions regarding SAM cards are at the discretion of the library staff.


Visitors to the DFPL can obtain a one-time courtesy pass for computer use with ID. Additional computer time may only be obtained by presenting ID that includes a current address.

LIBRARY CARDS: Duration and Replacement.


The Dover Library Card is generally good for 3 years. After the computer alerts the staff to a card's expiration, ID will be checked once again to confirm Dover residency. The card will then be renewed for another 3 years.

Replacement cards:

Library cards, other than endorsed cards, are free. If lost, a replacement charge of $1.00 will be incurred. Any fines on the patron's record must be paid in order to replace a lost card. The patron is responsible for all items on their record if a lost or stolen card is not reported immediately. If a patron reports the card as stolen, the $1.00 replacement card fee is waived if a Police Report of the theft is presented to the Library.

Presentation of cards:

A library card MUST BE presented each time items are to be checked out. We will, in an emergency case, use proper forms of ID to check material out to the patron. If, at the Library's discretion, it is viewed that a patron is using ID at checkout repeatedly, a suggestion to purchase a replacement card will be made. If the patron is unable to purchase the card at that time, the material needed will be held at the front desk for 3 days until a library card or $1.00 replacement fee is presented.

Damaged cards:

A library card that is cracked or damaged from repeated usage will be replaced free of charge. A card that is cracked, damaged or unreadable from misuse will incur a $1.00 replacement charge. Damage is assessed at the discretion of the librarian. All replacement cards are given only if the patron has no fines on their record. Refer to the Dover Free Public Library's Circulation Policy for further information.
Adopted by the Trustees of the Dover Free Public Library 10/7/96. Revised, 8/11/97; 4/8/2010; 1/12/12; 2/9/12
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