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Suspension of Library Privileges Policy

Suspension or limitations of Library privileges of patrons may occur for the following reasons:

  1. Violation of the provisions of the Policy on Patron Conduct.
  2. Excessive fines, or lost or damaged items on a patron's record in excess of the blocking
    threshold decided by the Dover Library Board of Trustees.

The nature of the limitation or suspension of Library privileges may include:

  1. Loss of borrowing rights.
  2. Prohibition from using items of equipment if such equipment was being abused.
  3. Removal from the Library premises if the person involved engages in behavior, which
    damages Library property, intimidates or threatens other patrons or staff, or refuses to act in accordance with the other provisions of the Policy on Patron Conduct.

Staff members may in the furtherance of that policy:

  1. Ask patrons to cease engaging in a prohibited behavior.
  2. If the offending patron does not cease, they may be required to leave the Library building
    and grounds.
  3. If the offending patron refuses to leave the Library premises, the Police may be called to
    remove them.
  4. A log may be kept of all violations in consideration of future suspension of privileges.
    Information will include date, time, name of person, nature of offense, and resolution of the matter.
Any patron who violates the Library rules and regulations shall be notified, in writing, that he/she has been denied the privilege of access and usage of the library. This decision is at the discretion of the Director and President of the Board of Trustees. Any patron whose privileges have been revoked may have the decision reviewed at the next regularly scheduled Library Board of Trustees meeting following the notification. The patron may present his/her side of the issue(s), upon which the Board will make a final decision and provide written notification to that patron. First suspension shall be of a period not to exceed 30 days. Subsequent suspensions will be at the discretion of the Director and Board of Trustees.
Adopted by the Dover Free Public Library Board of Trustees, October 7, 2002.
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