Circulation Policy - Terms of Borrowing

Electronic Materials:


All electronic materials should be returned in ready to use form (rewind cassette tapes) and must be brought into the library desk. Electronic materials may not be returned via the Book Drop. Electronic materials placed in the Book Drop will incur a fine of $1.00.

Fines for Items Returned

  • Books

    $0.10 per day for books to $5.00 maximum per book.

  • Music CDs

    $0.10 per day for music CDs to $5.00 maximum per music CD.

  • Videocassettes

    $0.10 per day for videocassettes to $5.00 maximum per videocassette.

  • DVDs

    $1.00 per day for DVDs to $5.00 maximum per DVD.

  • Magazines

    $0.10 per day for magazines to $5.00 maximum per magazine.

  • Patron accounts will be blocked automatically and patrons’ library privileges suspended when a fine/fee threshold of $5.00 is reached.
  • Payment of $10.00 per DOVER patron account will clear a patron's existing OVERDUE fees in excess of that amount. All other fees, e.g. fees for lost/damaged items, must be paid in full. Upon payment, patrons’ library privileges will be restored.


  • Items on reserve may not be renewed.
  • Books and audiobooks may be renewed up to two times; other materials may be renewed once by phone or in-person only.
  • ILL items may be renewed only after the owning library grants permission.


  • Books are kept on the reserve shelf for (7 days) after a patron has been called or otherwise
    notified of the material’s availability, including the day on which first contact is made. We will attempt to reach the patron by preferred contact method for seven days, after which time the patron's name will be removed from the waiting list and the material returned to the owning library.
Charges for Lost/Damaged Books and Materials:
If an item is lost or damaged to such an extent as to warrant that it be replaced, the charge is the actual replacement cost of the item, or, the default price indicated in the item’s electronic record. All
replacement items will also incur a $4 processing fee. A replacement copy may be accepted at the Library Director's discretion.
Once a patron has paid for an item, the patron has purchased the item and the item is the patron’s to keep.

Returned Checks

Patrons are responsible for any fees or charges to the Library due to their paying . All fees and charges must be paid in cash.
Revision adopted by Dover Free Public Library Board of Trustees, 4/8/2010; 1/12/12; 2/9/12
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